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  • Corporate mission:Create value for customers and provide development for employees;
    Submit profits for shareholders and cultivate talents for the society.
  • Business philosophy:Manage talents and regard talents as the first competitiveness of the company;
    Operate customers and regard customers as the company's first value chain;
    Products are regarded as the first productive force of the company.
  • Cultural concept:Advocate the honor of shouldering responsibilities and oppose shifting responsibilities;
    Advocate reform and innovation and oppose adherence to conventions;
    Advocate teamwork and oppose the idea of departmentalism;
    Advocate overall planning and oppose generalizing from one part to the whole;
    Advocate energy transmission and oppose complaints;
    Advocate that orders should be executed immediately, and oppose sloppiness;
    Advocate contribution distribution and oppose equalitarianism;
    He advocates integrity and opposes using his position to coerce private interests.