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Jin Ruixian promises to provide employees with competitive remuneration in the industry, and gives them bonuses based on the company's performance and personal contributions;
1. Salary structure: basic salary, performance salary and bonus;
2. Five insurances and one fund: the Company purchases social insurance and housing fund stipulated by national and local policies for employees;
3. Commercial insurance: the company will purchase commercial insurance for all employees, including accidental death, disability, burns, public transport accidents, hospitalization allowance, accident medical treatment and other items;
4. Statutory holidays: enjoy the statutory holidays, marriage leave, maternity leave, funeral leave and other statutory holidays stipulated by national laws;
5. Paid annual leave: Employees who have worked for more than one year can enjoy the paid annual leave stipulated by the state;
6. Annual physical examination: The company pays close attention to the physical condition of employees and organizes them to have regular physical examination every year;
7. Account and archives: The company assists employees in handling Shenzhen account reception and archives custody;
8. Other benefits: transportation subsidies, annual travel, holiday/birthday gifts, as well as colorful ball games and cultural activities.