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TV solutions with global regional coverage;
Advanced intelligent TV sedimentation and layout;
2K/4K/8K Jiqing cross era product iteration;
Top quality picture/sound.

As the brain of the whole smart TV, the TV motherboard solution is the core device of the equipment side of the large screen display industry chain. The high-speed transmission and decoding operation of 4K and 8K ultra clear video services is also an important platform to provide users with various Internet and intelligent services.

As the world's leading TV solution provider, our TV motherboard business has covered all categories such as traditional analog TV, full format digital TV and Internet smart TV. More than 222 countries and regions have been covered in sales regions, serving more than 200 brand customer groups worldwide. Over the past 15 years, the company has insisted on independent research and development, independent production, and continued to provide value for our partners and output power for the industry through excellent product quality, strong technology accumulation and the supply chain cost advantage brought by tens of millions of volumes.

In the future, our company will continue to increase the R&D and investment in related products in large screens and related fields, providing new energy for the Internet era.