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Strong cooperation with leading industry partners;
IOT product series based on display direction;
TV and surrounding supporting application scenarios;
And intelligent products of the Internet of Everything in the future.

The development of science and technology is promoting the progress of the times, and the scene of wisdom is constantly infiltrating into all areas of our lives. In the future of the interconnection of everything, the intellectualization of one chair, one car and one house will bring us great convenience and endless fun.

Relying on the company's resources and through the continuous research on the basic platform of the intelligent Internet of Things, the company has planned to research and develop products in three directions, including TV peripheral, smart vision (Camera), and smart voice (Voice), and comprehensively promote the ecological strategy of 1N intelligent hardware and smart home. With the help of the company's perfect software and hardware and supply chain platform, as well as rich developers and experience, the traditional equipment is intelligently transformed, so that it has more scene based functions. Through the hardware equipment of each single or multiple scenes, it gradually converges into an interconnected smart home ecosystem;

In the future, intelligent hardware can exist independently or be integrated into the smart home life network, ultimately creating more imagination for our family life.